Pipes and Pipeline Inspection

The use of ROVs with high-quality filming cameras allows us to provide photographic information about the conditions in which these structures are, being able to travel up to 400 meters long with twisted pair cable (copper), both in underwater structures or in tanks and containers.

To work on pipes of greater length we changed our twisted pair cables to optical fiber, to reach distances of about 1.5 Miles.

Search and rescue: The technology that we currently have allows us to reach depths of 400 meters, using sonars for this purpose with high resolution that allows us to do an accurate prospecting of the seabed and thus be able to recover any object that we are entrusted to find.

Filming and monitoring: The most modern ROV units that we have, have digital high-definition cameras of the latest technology, and powerful lights that allow us to shoot videos and good quality photographs even in low light or turbid conditions.

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