A company of professionals with a high degree of commitment, ensuring to satisfy the needs of the Chilean Aquaculture Industry in terms of Services and Submarine Operations.

Our Story

ERCOMAR was born as a necessity of the aquaculture industry, Erwin Colillan, a diver by profession after working for years in the industry personally experiencing the risks and dangers of the profession, feels the need to find a more viable solution to this problem, hence the idea of using robots to perform underwater work.


For a couple of years Erwin Colillan is dedicated to traveling abroad to find a manufacturer of Robots worldwide, which will have the characteristics of Quality, Efficiency and technical support.




An explosive growth and addition of multiple new ROV units to ERCOMAR begins. It all started when we demonstrated to our clients that these ROVs can not only be used as inspection tools but they also can be used to do other jobs on site. We transformed our units to be able to raise mortality without the help of cones, in addition to incorporating mobile equipment with cavitation systems for fishnet cleaning.

In this year, multi functional units are incorporated that allow the ROVs to perform different functions in a aquaculture farm, some of the functions performed are: extraction of mortality, cleaning of fishnets and inspection of sea bottoms.

ERCOMAR, certifies all its robotics processes with the ISO 9001-2015 standard, with this it incorporates new clients with jobs in northern Chile, in the Energy (Thermoelectric) and Mining industry.



Another record breaking year! ERCOMAR it's now doubling its ROV fleet due to the explosive growth of our services, reaching more clients and more industries.



ERCOMAR decides to acquire equipment in the USA and begins its learning process in the maintenance of the ROV units, this education and training process is maintained until today in constant update and improvement, due to the progress and advances of technology.

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